Create Live Bootable USB drive with UNetboot Linux

  • Latest version : 7.2
  • Last Updated : December, 24th 2021
  • License : Freeware
  • OS : Windows 7 or later
  • File size : 4.63 MB


UNetbootin is an application that allows you to create bootable Live USB drives. You can use it either with your Windows, Linux, or Mac device. There are a lot of benefits that you can gain from this tool. The most important one is some of the distributions do not have a CD if you are using UNetbootin Windows Download.

You can simply do it on the internet. However, there is a number who are unable to use this tool with their Windows devices. If you are one of those users, you can use our Windows page as a guide.

How Do I Install UNetbootin On Windows?

install unetbootin on windows

The downloading and installing process of UNetbootin Windows is quite simple. We provide you with the download links so you do not need to search for them. Once you have downloaded the UNetbootin on Windows, you can follow the on-screen instructions to go ahead. With its user-friendly interface, it will provide a straightforward path to complete the installation procedure. After the installation, you should use our guide to know how to use it with your Windows device.

How Do I Use UNetbootin On Windows?

Requirements for UNetbootin Windows

Features Of UNetbootin Download For Windows

Alternatives For UNetbootin Free Download

When considering alternatives for UNetbootin, there are a number of them. Most of those applications come with some bugs and errors. But if you are using Rufus Download as an alternative for UNetbootin, you won’t face any issue or error.

Rufus is a small program that can be used to turn a normal flash drive into a completely bootable USB from which you can start DOS directly. It is as easy to configure the software as inserting the device that you want to format, labeling the options you want, and clicking "start." Your new bootable USB for DOS drive will be ready in just a few seconds. Rufus is a tool that is very lightweight, helpful, and simple to use.

For whatever reason, if you need to boot your machine into DOS, this is one of the best ways. Therefore, we highly recommend that if you are unable to use UNetbootin with your device, you can try this best tool, Rufus without any hassle even if you are a beginner at this.